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Macao Arts Window: The Obscure Region – Ceramics and Prints by Heidi Lau
The Obscure Region features highly textured ceramics as well as works on paper that filter craft, memory, spiritual and cosmic themes through the artist’s idiosyncratic perspective.
Sharing Session: 30/10/2014 18:30
31/10/2014 -- 7/12/2014
3nd Floor

Return to the Origin - Restoring MAM collection
Its Arch Room to display five paintings restored by Mr. Lu Zongrun, including paintings by Lin Liang and Li Qi (Paper and silk scroll) as well as ‘Macao Panorama’ by an anonymous artist.
Sharing Session: 27/10/2014 18:30
28/10/2014 -- 8/3/2015
3rd floor

Art Arena - Project from Centre Pompidou
‘Art Arena - Project from Centre Pompidou’, the first world-class art education exhibition introduced to Macao.
17/10/2014 -- 4/1/2015
2rd Floor and 3nd Floor

Chinese Art Treasures - Collection and Works of Wu Hufan from the Palace Museum and Shanghai Museum
An influential painter, calligrapher, and art connoisseur during the first half of the 20th century, Wu Hufan was a versatile luminary rarely seen on the contemporary painting scene in China. In comrmoration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Wu Huf
27/9/2014 -- 16/11/2014
4th Floor

Macao’s old shops oozing an enchanting flavor have endured over time, preserving traditional crafts and standing as a legacy of the city’s cultural richness.
1/9/2014 -- 31/12/2014
3nd Floor

Calendar Illustrations by Guan Huinong
Popular in the early 20th century, calendar posters were a very valued medium for advertising. They were generally themed on fashionably dressed young ladies, also featuring famous stories in history, drama characters, and mythology.
Inauguration 09/07
10/7/2014 -- 28/12/2014
1st Floor

Western Views on China: Prints of the 19th Century about China
This exhibition features selected Western prints of the 19th century from the collection of MAM.
1/1/2014 -- 31/12/2014
3rd floor

Historical Paintings of Macao in the 19th Century
The historical paintings from the MAM collection reflect the Macao landscape and daily life of 19th Century.
1/1/2014 -- 31/12/2014
3rd floor
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