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26/4/2014 MACAO ARTS WINDOW : Cage Game – Installation by Wong Soi Lon
Wong Soi Lon draw on the ‘birdcage’ element featured in his work series and then build upon it, overlapping dynamic images of people obsessively checking smartphones and a birdcage projection, in a strange and rather mysterious manner.

Conforming to Vicinity – A Cross-strait four-region Artistic Exchange Project 2014
The art works will be itinerantly exhibited in the Cross-strait four areas, while participating artists will start creating and exhibiting their works in the first stop of Macao. Inauguration: 26/03/2014 18:30
27/3/2014 -- 27/4/2014
1st floor, Handover Gifts Museum

Macao Scenario - Animamix Biennale 2013-2014
This exhibition features more than 100 artworks of 23 local artists, including painting, installation, photography, animation, sculpture, ceramic, and graffiti art.
Inauguration 19/03/2014 18:30
20/3/2014 -- 18/5/2014
2nd Floor

Western Views on China: Prints of the 19th Century about China
This exhibition features selected Western prints of the 19th century from the collection of MAM.
1/1/2014 -- 13/7/2014
3rd floor

Historical Paintings of Macao in the 19th Century
The historical paintings from the MAM collection reflect the Macao landscape and daily life of 19th Century.
1/1/2014 -- 30/6/2014
3rd floor

Frames of Time – Photography of Old Business Units of Macao
This exhibition showcases 38 photos from the collection of Macao Museum of Art. The images of the shops reflect the change of Macao under the rapid economic development.
17/8/2013 -- 13/7/2014
3rd floor

Landscape Paintings of 20th Century Macao
This exhibition presents classical landscape paintings of the 20th Century collected by the Macao Museum of Art. The exhibits comprise sketches, watercolour paintings and oils. Totally 64 works by 25 artists are exhibited in two phases.
17/8/2013 -- 11/5/2014
3rd floor
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