Prelude to Macao's Modern Style


The exhibition, entitled Prelude to Macao’s Modern Style, shows more than 150 works created by 60 artists. Its aim is to chart the explorations in Western painting by artists from Macao or those having an important connection with Macao from the early 20th century to 1986. Most exhibits are from the collections of MAM, while others are on loan from collectors and painters, with oils being dominant, supplemented by watercolours, sketches and even sculptures, in an assortment of forms and styles.
Comprising four sections, the exhibition focuses on artists and events of Macao, weaving artistic experiences of major artists and their disciples in different periods. In a chronological fashion, the showcase also incorporates documents, related publications and photos from historically important fine art events. The exhibition depicts how in those times of scarce resources the artists tried to draw inspiration from impressionism, fauvism, abstraction and other artistic trends. Some of the works also clearly display pioneering attempts, in a quest of innovation. Influenced by Western realism and modernism, the exhibits offer multiple clues, leading us to explore in retrospect this maturation of Macao art full of romantic feelings.

3rd floor, Macao Museum of Art

2022/09/09 - 2023/06/11