Redemption Scheme


The new 2024 gifts will be available for redemption starting from 1st March!


Collect your electronic stamps by participating in the MAM’s vibrant programme of activities. You can accumulate points with your stamps and redeem the points for gifts designated by the MAM.

General stamps

Members who visit exhibitions can receive one stamp worth one point each day. Members who attend exhibition openings or participate in designated activities can receive one electronic stamp worth two points daily.


Prestige Stamp

‘Prestige members’ who visit exhibitions, attend exhibition openings, or participate in any activities at the MAM can receive an additional one-point ‘prestige’ electronic stamp every day. By accumulating points with ‘prestige’ stamps, prestige members can redeem exclusive limited-edition gifts. (The gift launch date will be announced separately)


Flash stamps

For specific exhibitions and activities, the museum will launch activities where members can get flash stamps to earn points occasionally. Stay tuned for the latest announcement on the MAM’s website.


Stamp collection and redemption
  1. Members can collect their electronic stamps by scanning their member cards at the MAM reception on the first floor.
  2. Members can sign into the ‘Member service’ section on their ‘Macau One Account’ wallet or the MAM’s website to check the number of their stamps and points and the expiration dates. (The ‘Macau One Account’ service is to be announced.)
  3. Members can collect their stamps from 1 January to 31 December and redeem their gifts from 1 January to 31 March in the following year. Stamp collection and redemption are invalid after the expiration dates.
  4. Gifts are generally redeemed on a first-come, first-served basis, with points accumulated through designated stamps. Some limited gifts may also be redeemed through different methods, such as lucky draws or priority redemption for prestige members.


*The Museum reserves the right of final interpretation.




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