Discovering the Beauty of Empty Space –– Photography Workshop

Exhibition “Candida Höfer : Epic Gaze” - Friends of MAM Activities

2024/04/27 - 2024/04/27
1st and 2nd floor, Macao Museum of Art


Activities and Registration Information

In this workshop, a professional will guide participants in appreciating globally renowned photographer Candida Höfer’ s oeuvre at the exhibition “Candida Höfer: Epic Gaze”. They will acquire lighting and composition knowledge by analyzing Höfer’s photography of cultural institutions, including famous theatres, libraries, museums and cathedrals. Participants will photograph the Macao Museum of Art, learning the fundamental photographic concepts and techniques of capturing the beauty and environment of a cultural institution. After the on-location shooting, participants will discuss their work together. To take digital photographs, participants must bring their mobile phones or cameras.
*Admission is free for members of “Friends of MAM”.


Lei Sao I graduated from the graphic design department at the Macau Polytechnic Institute. Working in graphic design and illustration, she has participated in numerous local art and photography exhibitions. Later, she shifted her career to arts education. She is now an art instructor.

Language: Cantonese

1st session - For Parents and Children
Date: 27/04/2024 (Saturday)
Time: 14:00-16:00(2 hours)
Suitable for: Family (members of “Friends of MAM”) with children aged 6-12 years
Quata: 12 pairs of parents and children

2nd session - For Public
Date: 27/04/2024 (Saturday)
Time: 16:30-18:30(2 hours)
Suitable for: Members of “Friends of MAM” aged 13 or above .
Quata: 20 participants

Gathering Point: Reception, 1st floor of Macao Museum of Art

Registration date: 12/04/2024 - 24/04/2024
 (Registration starts at10:00, 12/04/2024; admitted people will be notified via SMS on 25/04/2024.)

Registration method:
Register on the Macao One Account, admission by drawing lots. Each person is allowed to register for one session only.

1st session - For Parents and Children (One Account link)
2nd session - For Public  (One Account link)
**To take digital photographs, participants must bring their mobile phones or cameras.


Notes for application:
1. Application is available exclusively to individuals who have joined ‘Friends of MAM’ membership program. To apply for membership, please visit our website. For other inquiries, please call 8791 9814.
2. Interested parties can visit the activity application section on the ‘Macau One Account’ mobile app or website for activity information, application, cancellation, application procedures and admission results. They can also check their schedules and receive activity reminders in the section ‘My to-do list’.
3. Successful applicants who cannot attend the activity should cancel their place 48 hours before the activity day through the ‘Macao One Account’. Their place will be taken by those on the waiting list. Successful applicants from the waiting list will be notified by text or phone call.

Notes for activity:
1. The successful applicants may not be accepted for similar activities in the future if any of the below situations occur:
- Failing to attend the activity without prior cancellation.
- Arriving more than 20 minutes late.
2. Special arrangements in inclement weather:
In case Typhoon signal of Number 3 or higher level or red/black signal of heavy rain is still in force at 11:30 am on the day of the event, the event will be cancelled automatically without prior notice.
3. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing. Participants may bring scarves, jackets and other warm clothing according to their personal needs.
4. The staff will film and photograph the activities for the purpose of event recording and future promotional purposes.

1. Members who participate in Friends of MAM activities will earn a digital stamp worth 2 points. The stamps can be collected from the reception on the 1st floor of MAM on the day of the activity. Through the Redemption Scheme, Friends of MAM can accumulate a certain number of digital stamps, corresponding to points that can be used to redeem limited-edition gifts by MAM. For further details, please visit the website about the Redemption Scheme.
2.For the latest updates, please visit the website of MAM. MAM reserves the right to the final decision.

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