Rules and Recommendations

    Guidelines for Visitors
    1. Please keep quiet. Speak softly. Do not make noise, run or make any disruptive behaviour.
    2. Do not smoke, eat or drink in the museum. 
    3. Do not bring any hazardous item into the museum. 
    4. Do not touch, smear or damage the exhibits. MAM reserves all rights to pursue any legal liability against offenders.
    5. Please keep the venue clean. Do not deface or damage the devices, walls and facilities in the museum. MAM reserves all rights to claim reimbursement against offenders.
    6. Children aged 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult during the museum visit.
    7. Please take care of your valuables. Do not bring pets, large objects or luggage into the museum.
    8. When taking photographs or recording videos in the museum, please do so in a way that protects the exhibits and does not disturb the ambience. Do not use any flash, selfie-stick or tripod. Please observe regulations related to portrait rights and privacy rights.
    9. Some exhibition areas and/or exhibits may be closed for visiting or become unavailable for photo-taking/video/audio recordings due to display requirements. Please pay attention to the instructions on site for protecting the exhibits and maintaining order.
    10. No unauthorised photo-taking/video/audio recordings are allowed for commercial purpose or any purpose other than visiting. Those with authorisation to do so please follow MAM’s instructions in this regard.
    11. Applications for permission to film the exterior of the museum must be submitted to the Cultural Affairs Bureau 20 days in advance. Please refer to the following website for the application procedure:
    12. MAM may, without prior notice, take photographs or make audio or video recordings during exhibitions or other events for record, publicity or publication purposes.
    13. For security reasons, closed-circuit television (CCTV) system has been installed in the museum and is recording 24/7 constantly.
    14. Do not conduct unauthorised promotional sales activities or distribute promotional materials in the museum.
    15. MAM reserves the right to close its premises for safety or other reasons in case of emergency (e.g. when a tropical cyclone signal No. 8 or above is about to be hoisted) and visitors are advised to follow staff’s instructions to leave.
    16. Please observe the epidemic prevention measures of the Cultural Affairs Bureau.
    17. MAM reserves the right to request anyone who refuses to follow these guidelines to leave the museum.
    MAM reserves the right of final interpretation of these guidelines.
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